procurement programs
We’ll manage your vendor shipments, and reduce your costs
Reducing your landed costs
Stevens procurement programs let you reduce the shipping and logistics part of your landed cost of goods by controlling when and how your vendors ship to you–all without adding extra staff or spending extra dollars.

Our goal: Control and Simplify

Our program is simple yet highly effective. We set the standard operating procedures your vendors must follow, from transit times to routing. We monitor the shipments for you to ensure that service levels are met.

If a vendor is late with an order we request your approval prior to allowing them to upgrade to a higher cost service. This is especially important for contracts with on-time guarantees.

And the process couldn’t be easier

To schedule a shipment, your vendors contact Stevens through an 800 number or authorized Web access. You’re then kept informed from pickup to delivery.

Notifications and
Online Tracking Tools

Our complete set of online tools and e-Notices keep you informed about each of your incoming shipments.

Plus, our In-transit Report gives you a snapshot of all your shipments in our pipeline. And it includes such critical information as vendor name and address, pieces, weight, reference numbers, freight costs—and most important, the scheduled delivery time and date.

Stevens Team Support

Remember, when you call your Stevens’ office, you’ll always speak to a member of your service team, and NEVER hear a recording. Plus, we’re available 24/7/365.



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