expedited trucking
Nationwide coverage with a range of options
Fast-transit trucking — and so much more
Streamline your shipping. Control your costs. Maximize the efficiency of your business. Stevens expedited trucking helps you do it all.

Our full range of trucking freight options–combined with our Flex-Ship solutions, ensure a seamless transit that can include air freight, warehousing and much more.

Look to Stevens for:

•  Nationwide coverage
•  Customized service options
•  Hot Shots
   (vans or bobtail trucks)
•  Air-ride equipment
•  Online tracking

Deferred Service
This nationwide, time-definite option is our lower-cost alternative to LTL. Deferred Services have a scheduled delivery, with a maximum of five business days transit time.

Air-Trucking Combined Services
A Stevens specialty. Oversized or special cargo is flown to the nearest major airport, then hot-shot trucked to its destination.
Also Available:

Full Truck Load (FTL)
A nationwide, time-definite service involving single-driver or two-man team scenarios, with multiple equipment options available.
Less Than Full Truck Load (LTL)
For greater convenience and cost-savings when shipping smaller loads.

Master the big picture with Stevens Flex-Ship™
Sometimes, moving freight across the country is only Job One. Flex-Ship helps you manage what’s next, enhancing the solution by including other Stevens specialties like these:

“White Glove” Special Care Services
For freight that needs a little TLC. Learn more>>

Asset Recovery
Pack and ship a computer network, office equipment, or move retail displays from one store to another. Learn more>>


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