Stay in the know–right from your Inbox
With Stevens, your peace of mind is automatic
The Stevens e-Notice system can save you time (and a phone call) by delivering shipment status notifications by email.

Designed for maximum flexibility, our e-Notice system lets you set up your own personal preferences. You can select the e-Notices you want sent and the personnel to receive them.

Naturally, if you have any questions your Stevens team will be right there to assist you.

Click to see a sample e-Notice

Domestic Notifications
e-Notices for domestic shipping cover these milestones:
• Pickup
• In-Transit
• Recovered
• Out for Delivery (OFD)
• Proof of Delivery (POD)

International Notifications
e-Notices for international shipping milestones include all the above plus:
• Shipment Cancelled
• Booked
• Freight On Hand
• Broker Notification
• Document Turnover
• Customs Exam
• Cleared Customs


If the Waybill Number is not found, please
contact your local Stevens office. Thank you.