Case Study 2: Display Design Company

U.S. company expanding into Europe requiring warehousing space and distribution
capabilities, while remaining profitable.

A U.S. manufacturer of high-end 3D displays was awarded European rights to set up their
displays in all 300 of a customer’s European retail stores, instantly expanding their sales
throughout Europe. The company had no existing partnerships in Europe and needed to
have an efficient warehousing and distribution program that would support their business
throughout all of Europe.

Stevens Flex-Ship™ Solution:
Using our Flex-Ship Process, Stevens designed a European third-party
warehousing and distribution program with virtually no up-front costs:

1. Stevens set up the Display Company as a registered entity in the Netherlands,
    allowing them to receive goods from all over the world into Stevens’ Rotterdam

2. We set up warehousing for their goods, which included over 100 SKUs. Stevens‘
    web based Warehouse Management System enabled full inventory visibility to the client.

3. Processes were developed that allowed our client to process orders and have their goods
    shipped throughout Europe, while maintaining inventory accuracy and on-time delivery.


With Flex-Ship we were able to identify and satisfy our client’s
short-term requirements AND provide the client with a long-term
plan for growth. The project was a huge success for our client and
opened the door for them to set up a similar program in Asia. To
which, Stevens was their first call!


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