Case Study 1: Electronics Manufacturer

A Supply Chain with multiple international origins and complex USA domestic distribution channels

The manufacturer had been working with some of the largest shipping companies in the world to
handle their large air and ocean volumes. When their shipping vendors’ annual reviews were
analyzed, one thing was evident; their employees were spending too much time chasing down
updates and shipment information from each vendor. The cost in time and expense of managing
their logistics partners was simply too high.

Stevens Flex-Ship™ Solution:
Using Flex-Ship methodology, Stevens determined that at several critical points in their supply
chain, goods were unnecessarily changing hands, causing delays in shipping and difficulty in
receiving shipment status and updates. This left the client to manage each vendor and shipment

Our Solution:
Stevens Flex-Ship™ streamlined their shipment management process,
eliminating their staff‘s wasted time.

1. We captured all their vendor information including PO#s, Sales Orders
    and changes in shipment forecasts, making all information available
    online using Stevens’ Customer Tools system.

2. Our system generated and automatically emailed the client a Daily Shipping
    Report at 9:00 am and 3:00 pm, providing complete up-to-date shipment
    visibility for all of their air, ocean, brokerage and domestic shipments.

3. We developed a comprehensive shipping solution that seamlessly bundles
    all shipping services: air and ocean import/export services, warehousing
    and distribution, resulting in reduced freight costs.

4. Stevens became their single source logistics provider, offering the client a
    centralized customer service team that handled all the shipping details,
    from any origin or to any destination.

Our Flex-Ship approach created a comprehensive solution that eliminated the need for
employees to track down information. Streamlining their shipping practices delivered
improved service AND reduced freight costs.


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